Six Simple Reasons Why I Feel Healthcare is Getting Better


Six Simple Reasons Why I Feel Healthcare is Getting Better

Whether or not new technology has revolutionized the distribution of healthcare is a subject of much debate. While the process will take much longer to resolve, one thing is for sure; patients are taking more control of their healthcare decision and in choosing doctors. This is what I am experiencing in the greater Houston community, where I have been practicing over 17 years.

  • Vanishing Gatekeepers:  In the past the primary care providers were “Gatekeepers” especially in the HMO model of healthcare delivery.  Now faced with more patient awareness and marketplace demand, as a patient one could see a specialist directly without a “Gatekeeper” referral.
  • Preventive care : The biggest change in the healthcare arena has been the emphasis on preventive care. Preventive care, like Screening for Colon Cancer, has been made more universally available and some insurance providers have boosted the coverage up to 100% to encourage compliance. Prevention is always better.

Doctor Hands

  • The more information, the better: Tools like the internet and web have made information widely available for anyone. While there are downsides to unedited and unrestricted information, especially on healthcare, it is largely more positive than negative, in my opinion. Although there are reports of less than happy or intimidated physicians, I find that a tech savvy and well researched patient is a big plus for me because I can get across the complex idea of treatment and medical care to them easier, as opposed to others who are disinterested in such endeavors.
  • Autonomy and efficiency: Using services like Zocdoc, websites, and emails, patients can now make their own appointments without spending time in prolonged phone conversations. This has made it much easier for patients to reach and communicate with their physicians and in scheduling appointments.
  • Health tracking devices and better patient records: Small health tracking gadgets that one can buy are Surgicalreplacing the old style “Written Patient Journals” that was very difficult and cumbersome for the patients to comply
    with. These electronic devices are making the data, and quality of information, much more reliable compared to the past.
  • Know thy physician: I always believed that a good and caring physician should be open and transparent to his patients. Healing is also connecting with your doctor, emotionally and at the level of basic humanity. Today’s websites, blog posts, and Facebook accounts, are just a few tools to achieve this. On our blog sites ( and Facebook accounts ( I not only post updates on medicine, but also post my personal stories to share with my patients. Many of my patients have come to me already feeling connected as a result. Today, social media provides a greater opportunity to get to know and connect with your doctor. 

In summary, in my own Gastrointestinal practice, I am totally convinced that the technology explosion leading to changes in healthcare are all positive. I view the changes in patient attitude andCheckboard empowerment also as a positive change. In the days of reduced reimbursement and increasing scrutiny by the regulatory agencies, this is welcome good news. I love to see my patient’s tech savvy and taking control of their own healthcare needs and be an active decision maker to choose their own specialist.


If you have any questions, concerns or comments come and see us; we have offices in Pearland, Friendswood, Lake Jackson and Bay City and our website is In order to make our patients and their family members more productive, we also have weekend endoscopy and Colon Cancer Screening so that you or your family doesn’t need to take extra time off for healthcare.

Your GI Center comes to Friendswood!


 Written by: Dr. Nizam Meah, M.D on July 11,2014

How do I, as a customer, benefit?

As a Friendswood resident, choosing a qualified, convenient GI Physician can be a hassle! Here are just a few reasons why Your GI Center is the best choice:

  • Distance: We are the first and only home town GI Specialist in Friendswood.
  • Transportation: Your transportation worries are totally eliminated by our location next door to you.
  • Time: A precious commodity, don’t waste it with hours of driving by commuting to other cities for your health care!
  • Stress reduction: With locations in your own home town, stress of driving, time allotment, and juggling family needs are gone.
  • Money Savings! Gas prices rise every day, don’t spend more than what you have to.
  • Return trips: Save you twice the time and money!

Don’t let distance be a factor in being treated for heartburn, reflux, or indigestion problems. We offer state of the art facilities that set high standards in care and patient appreciation. Still unsure? Visit our website ( or get a glimpse into the thoughts and views of Dr. Meah through our Facebook page ( ), which is updated daily! See how our facilities are growing and read testimonials from other patients that have become like family.

Why come to us for gastrointestinal needs?

When searching for health care, you want proven quality, safety, and trusted physicians.

  • “Your GI Center,” lead by Dr. Meah, has been serving the greater Houston community for over last 15 years.
  • Dr. Meah and his associate, Dr. Siddiqui, are both board certified Gastroenterologists.
  • They specialize in health and diseases of the Digestive system, from reflux to colon cancer prevention and polyp removal, with an exceptional team of Nurse Practitioners, Registered Nurses, medical assistants, office professionals who are eager to help you.

Let us help you navigate through the complex web of medical care.

What is special about doctors at Your GI Center?

“Your GI (gastrointestinal) Center” was founded, and led, by Dr. Nizam Meah, a renowned leader of his specialty. His articles have been publbac51aee-7ffb-425d-b59a-5aac7f71226ezoomished in authoritative and prestigious peer reviewed journals of gastrointestinal studies. His work has been cited in some of the practices in setting standards of gastrointestinal procedures in this country and around the world. More importantly, you will like his holistic and compassionate approach to patient care. In addition to being a hardworking physician, Dr. Meah believes in close communication with his patients, and community at large, to improve life. You can read Dr. Meah’s blogs to get more insight to his thoughts as a not only a doctor, but on a more in depth personal level.

“Patients deserve the best care we have to offer. Myself, Dr. Siddiqui, our Nurse Practitioners, and staff members are passionate about giving a high standard of care that sets examples for others.”   ~Dr. Nizam Meah, M.D.

 Our Procedure List:

  • Colonoscopy/ Colon Cancer Screening
  • EGD Upper Endoscopy
  • ERCP
  • Wireless Endoscopy
  • EUS or Endoscopic Ultrasound
  • Nonsurgical Treatment of Hemorrhoids
  • Hemorrhoid Banding or IRC
  • Non malabsorption and H. pylori testing
  • And Many More!
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We are very excited to serve the Friendswood community! Please stop by and say “Hello” anytime…



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7 Easy Digestive Tips to Follow this 4th of July…


Friends, a Happy, Happy 4th of July! I am sure, like me, all of you  have a big and elaborate plan for such a grand occasion of our Independence Day, a day not only auspicious for us but for human history. Again like me, all of you perhaps have plan to spend this day with families and friends with fun, fellowship and cook-out, the great American tradition.

It is common knowledge that food is intimately related to our gastrointestinal health and overall well being. Many of our maladies have intimate and, in many cases direct, relationships with the food and beverages we consume. The following 7 easy to follow digestive tips will help keep the “after cook-out” tradition to a minimum.


  • Meat items: (Example- BBQ) – A great American and Texas tradition, bursting with flavors and good company.  However, moderation is the key to success in enjoying our meat. Excess of red meat in diets have been associated with colon, rectal and other cancers. Try to avoid too much burnt and smoked food, if you can, since such products could be laced with carcinogens.
  • Alcoholic Beverages: (Examples- Beer, Wine, etc) - While a nice cool beer is great, and a drink of wine completes an exquisite dinner, we have to be cognizant of their consequences. Alcoholic beverages are related to cancers of the esophagus, tongue, mouth cavity, in general pharyngeal areas, and even the stomach in some studies. Excessive use of alcohol is the number one cause of liver disease and acute liver failure, in our country. In addition, long and short term overabundance of alcohol use is associated with cirrhosis, liver cancer and severe economic, social, and familial consequences.
  •  Non-alcoholic beverages: (Examples: Carbonated Drinks) – These drinks have been related to an obesity epidemic in our society. In addition to this, some authorities have related these drinks, and artificial sweeteners, with diabetes and even cancer.
  • Desserts: (Example: Pie) – desserts in general are high in calories and some of them are also loaded with artificial products. Discretion and moderation is needed to consume these.
  • Fruits: (Example: Watermelon) – Watermelon on summer days, like 4th of July, is a great habit. We can enrich this experience of natural vegetable products with additional assortment of fruits and vegetables. Excessive fruits and vegetables could make people full, bloated and gFruitsassy, or even experience cramps in the abdomen, bowel movement urgency, and even diarrhea. It could be harmful for people who have fructose malabsorption.
  • Dairy products (Example: Milk) – Limited amount of these food should be quite safe. Some milk products, like yogurt, could be very beneficial, especially people taking antibiotics since these foods may have good bacteria that our body needs for appropriate microbiota.
  • Water- Is something that you cannot have ewaternough of unless you have a disease that contradicts it. This is something you should not feel guilty about to doubling up on, in summer. In my judgment, water is the one of the greatest gifts from the Almighty to humanity and all of living beings. Our body is mostly composed of water, making it, the single most important thing to wash out toxins from our body. So if you have to binge on anything, this is the best thing to binge upon.

Folks, as you can see, life is short and we have to enjoy while we live. Moderation and discretion are key elements in enjoying a full and healthy life. While we befittingly enjoy our Independence Day, keep in mind, “Excess of anything is bad and moderation is the best policy”.  Happy 4th of July and Happy Birthday America, we are really blessed to be in your cradle! God Bless America!




Image Source:  (Lukasz Prowol – Happy 4th of July)
(Eli Christman- 2012 4th of July)