Your GI Center comes to Friendswood!

Your GI Center comes to Friendswood!

How do I, as a customer, benefit?

As a Friendswood resident, choosing a qualified, convenient GI Physician can be a hassle! Here are just a few reasons why Your GI Center is the best choice:

  • Distance: We are the first and only home town GI Specialist in Friendswood.
  • Transportation: Your transportation worries are totally eliminated by our location next door to you.
  • Time: A precious commodity, don’t waste it with hours of driving by commuting to other cities for your health care!
  • Stress reduction: With locations in your own home town, stress of driving, time allotment, and juggling family needs are gone.
  • Money Savings! Gas prices rise every day, don’t spend more than what you have to.
  • Return trips: Save you twice the time and money!

Don’t let distance be a factor in being treated for heartburn, reflux, or indigestion problems. We offer state of the art facilities that set high standards in care and patient appreciation. Still unsure? Visit our website ( or get a glimpse into the thoughts and views of Dr. Meah through our Facebook page ( ), which is updated daily! See how our facilities are growing and read testimonials from other patients that have become like family.

Why come to us for gastrointestinal needs?

When searching for health care, you want proven quality, safety, and trusted physicians.

  • “Your GI Center,” lead by Dr. Meah, has been serving the greater Houston community for over last 15 years.
  • Dr. Meah and his associate, Dr. Siddiqui, are both board certified Gastroenterologists.
  • They specialize in health and diseases of the Digestive system, from reflux to colon cancer prevention and polyp removal, with an exceptional team of Nurse Practitioners, Registered Nurses, medical assistants, office professionals who are eager to help you.

Let us help you navigate through the complex web of medical care.

What is special about doctors at Your GI Center?

“Your GI (gastrointestinal) Center” was founded, and led, by Dr. Nizam Meah, a renowned leader of his specialty. His articles have been publbac51aee-7ffb-425d-b59a-5aac7f71226ezoomished in authoritative and prestigious peer reviewed journals of gastrointestinal studies. His work has been cited in some of the practices in setting standards of gastrointestinal procedures in this country and around the world. More importantly, you will like his holistic and compassionate approach to patient care. In addition to being a hardworking physician, Dr. Meah believes in close communication with his patients, and community at large, to improve life. You can read Dr. Meah’s blogs to get more insight to his thoughts as a not only a doctor, but on a more in depth personal level.

“Patients deserve the best care we have to offer. Myself, Dr. Siddiqui, our Nurse Practitioners, and staff members are passionate about giving a high standard of care that sets examples for others.”   ~Dr. Nizam Meah, M.D.

 Our Procedure List:

  • Colonoscopy/ Colon Cancer Screening
  • EGD Upper Endoscopy
  • ERCP
  • Wireless Endoscopy
  • EUS or Endoscopic Ultrasound
  • Nonsurgical Treatment of Hemorrhoids
  • Hemorrhoid Banding or IRC
  • Non malabsorption and H. pylori testing
  • And Many More!
  • Click here to see more “About Us”

We are very excited to serve the Friendswood community! Please stop by and say “Hello” anytime…

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