Breaking News on How to Cure Hepatitis C – NEW Cure!

Breaking News on How to Cure Hepatitis C – NEW Cure!


New Cure for Hepatitis C - Over 92% Effective!

January 22, 2014 – Have you been in the closet about Hep C? Or worse, have you been treated and left uncured with the deadly disease? In the past, hepatitis C (or hep C) has been known as the “silent killer” infecting over three million Americans a year. The slow moving virus is incredibly deadly and one of the leading causes of Liver Cancers and Liver Failure to date. Until now, treatments have been mildly effective for some, but lack the effectiveness to really wipe out the virus itself. Almost desperate, the public has been posing the imperative question about how to cure hepatitis C.

When the Ground Shakes….

In the past, we’ve seen these trends with things like the Polio epidemic. The virus spreads from person to person, some people without even knowing it killing hundreds of thousands of people in it’s path. Well, this may not be the case ANYMORE! Groundbreaking research has found a CURE for hepatitis C! With around a 90% success rate, this new drug has been FDA approved for those battling Hepatitis C. What’s best yet, this drug can even be administered to patients who’ve failed previous treatments.

More about this treatment option

This hep c cure is the closest we’ve come thus far to being able to completely eradicate the disease itself and can and likely will save millions of lives as we move forward. What’s even better is that this has very limited side effects; much less than the standard (current) hep c treatment options.

 This is going to revolutionize the future of the disease itself, and I strongly believe that with the help of this new drug, we will be able to eradicate Hepatitis C and help all of the people suffering in the darkness of this illness.
– Dr. N. Meah

The medication comes in pill form and is taken orally, every patient with Hepatitis C is recommended to take this in an effort to cut this disease off at it’s knees.


The Cost Controversy

There’s a lot of controversy about what the cost of this new drug is, and whether it’s worth it. The problem with being upset over the ranges that have been (purely) speculated at this point is that once all is said and done if the disease is left uncured, you’re going to be spend significantly more on maintaining at best, “mediocre” health.

What you’ll be paying for the drug ranges, and you should come see the doctor if you’re unsure if this is right for you.

What Should You Do if YOU are Suffering with Hep C? 

It’s important to note that this is NOT the only treatment for Hep C, however, it is the first with cure rates as high as 90%. That said, we recommend every single person with hepatitis C (whether they’ve been deemed “untreatable” or not) should see their doctor and find out more about this cure.

Dr. Meah is serving several areas around the Houston area and even offers a concierge service where he comes to you for one flat rate. Please, if you’re hiding in the shadows of Hepatitis C, come see us. Let us help you fight this fight. You don’t have to fight it alone, and we’re determined to help every person in the area and around the world suffering from this deadly disease as much as we possibly can.


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