The Importance of Homesteading and an Explanation for Beginners

The Importance of Homesteading and an Explanation for Beginners


The Topic of Homesteading for Beginners

Right now, there’s a big movement in what we call “homestead” food. This is food and consumables that come from home grown sources and local sources. This is something that I myself am a big advocate of. Modern day, this process is called homesteading.

Having a ranch myself, I’ve seen first hand the natural way that things evolve and I have to say that this has reaffirmed my belief that local is best. I’ve made it a point in my life to put the utmost importance on living as close to nature as I can when I go home and always tell my patients to do the same.

Your Role in Protecting Your Health through the Homestead

As a consumer, you must take the responsibility to be aware of where your food is coming from. Be aware of what goes into your food, and try to always connect with your food source; this way, you’re fueling your body with clean and natural sources.

One of the biggest concerns with not being aware of where your food is coming from (meat particularly), is the use and abuse of anti-biotics.

Anti-biotics (like any drug with humans) can be abused in animals; this will cause not ONLY resistant strains of virus and illness for people, but for the animals as well. This in combination with selective breeding deviates from the natural order of food evolution.

That is not to say that anti-biotics should not be used. When used properly, anti-biotics are extremely important. However, there should be a conservative use of them. Creating food and fuel for our bodies should be a humanistic process, and not a mechanistic one.

Why I’m a Proponent of Heritage Breeding in Homesteading

Heritage breeding is basically letting nature take it’s course with the breeding of new animals.

Today, we have a lot of people who are doing something called selective breeding; this is where they choose whether to breed an animal or not based on things that make an animal more profitable for them (things like how fast they grow, how large they are, etc).

This really isn’t great because we’re impacting their natural evolution. Why is that important for your health, and why am I (a GI doctor) talking about this on my physician’s blog? Simple, your health is a holistic matter. It’s cyclical, and it begins with what you put into your mouth.

When you defy nature in order to produce food that is cheaper or more easily accessible, you remove many of the benefits of food at it’s rawest form. The Earth (whether you believe in science, faith, or both) was made to be self-sufficient and self surviving. Our bodies were made with precision to adapt to the earth as a surrounding and whether you believe it was done by god or natural evolution is irrelevant.

We will dive more into this topic throughout the week on our Facebook, and please, if you have questions about me or my ranch, let me know!

Love and light.


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