Mothers Day: Nothing Better than a Mother.

Mothers Day: Nothing Better than a Mother.

My Mother

My Mother

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All that I am, or hope to be, I owe to my angel mother.

Abraham Lincoln


 First, A Note to My Mother…

Today is Mother’s Day, I think about you my mother; I think about you every day really…but more so today. I wonder how you would look like today had you been living among us in this earth now and in this moment.


The Importance of This Day

On Mother’s Day, we show special appreciation for our mothers and all mothers of the world. That includes our wives, our better halves, our coworkers, friends and relatives.


Meaning of a mother… never captured in word…

But a mother is such a special thing that I have no word to define it, I have no way to describe it; perhaps learned and talented people around the world had defined a mother much better. The reason I cannot define or explain my mother is because a mother is such a personal, emotional, social, and a collective experience: a mother is who I am, a mother is my breathing, my mother is my every heartbeat, my mother is the firing of every nerve cell in my brain; so how can I define her? If I could, I would have been much greater person than I am now.


My Belief in My Mother

Setting aside just a day in a year for celebrating motherhood was initially an unsettling thought for me when I crossed the ocean in search of my American Dream and reached the shore of my dreamland America.  Since then I came a long way in my personal evolution on accepting the day: while we celebrate this Mother’s Day in a befitting manner, to me every day is Mother’s Day, my every moment is courtesy of my mother; because without my mother I am non-existent. I will be paralyzed without her, she is my inspiration, and she is the fuel of my life.


My Mother, a sleepless sentry for her children

In conventional sense, my mother is not physically present here in this earth. But I see and feel her presence everywhere, in every turn I take and in everything I do. She watches out for my well-being every moment, she is the unseen force in every move and in every effort of mine. She is in there with me whenever I need her. Mother, you send out your emissaries from heaven every day for me just like the other day you did when I met a patient friend of mine who told me point blank: “Dr. Meah, I know you will take care of me, I will be safe in your hand, because you love your mother”. Now these sorts of comments are not uncommon in my medical practice at all!


To My Patients, Friends, Families, Readers, and the Universe…

So to all the mothers, mothers who happen to be my patients, my co-worker mothers, would be mothers, past mothers and future mothers to come and specially to my wife, mother of my children and my own mother: let us celebrate motherhood, a best of “Mother’s Day” to you all. God has not created anything better than a mother in this earth and this is why Mohammad had said, “Of course! A child’s heaven lies beneath the feet of his/her mother!”.


A Final note…

So mother, know that I love you.  You gave me everything in my life, you are the cause of my every celebration, you are the cause of my service to public and humanity. I know you help me every day, you watch out for me in every moment of my life. A mother is such a powerful force, a mother is such a good mentor, a mother is such an inspiration, a mother is such a blessing, a mother is the cool shade in the dog days of summer, a mother is the oasis at the end stretch of the desiccated desert landscape: a mother is everything good! Thank you God for my mother and thank you God for all the mothers!


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