Dr. N. Meah – Who is He?

As a son, Dr. Meah has spent his career trying to pay tribute to the amazing influence of his mother (please listen to his tribute to her, here).

As a husband, he’s worked hard to provide a stable and loving environment for his wife.

As a father, he’s committed himself to making every opportunity for his four children. As a person, his loves are animals, spiritualism, and his work.

As a doctor, Dr. Meah has spent his lifetime creating care facilities that put the patients and their humanity before the money in medicine. He has dedicated his career to creating solutions to get patients the cost effective, compassionate, and comfortable care they deserve.

Why is My Doctor a Doctor?

Dr. Meah is a faithful and spiritual man who believes that humanity and human connection are the two most important aspects of this life. With medicine, he’s found his way to become one of god’s tools in helping those who need it.

“Doctors don’t cure patients,” he says, “God heals. We as doctors are merely tools put here to serve.”
– Dr. Nizam Meah

What Makes him Qualified?

Credentials: Board Certified in Gastroenterology. Over 12 years of experience in this community; graduated with his medical degree from Chittagong Medical College. He obtained subsequent Post-Doctoral training at the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston.

He is a Rotary Foundation Scholar for International Understanding. His three years of Internal Medicine Residency and three years of Gastroenterology Fellowship were completed at Wayne State University School of Medicine in Detroit, Michigan.

Dr. Meah’s research interest was mainly on Colo-rectal cancers and some of his works have been published in respected medical publications.

How’s Dr. Meah Different than other Gastroenterologists?

Why choose him: Like every individual every doctor is different. We believe that you would enjoy Dr. Meah and will find him distinctly pleasant for many different reasons some of which is including in the following:

  • He is very personable.
  • He is very thoughtful and appreciates human qualities. You can see these in his writings (check our blog here for his writings)
  • He is a very grateful person by nature, easily recognizing and expressing his gratitude to people for their contribution to his life.
  • He is a very responsible person, as you can see in his life style and habits
  • He is a very knowledgeable and respected as is evidenced by his publications in the most prestigious Gastroenterology journals. His contributions has been cited in forming a standard of care (for example Standard of Gastrointestinal Endoscopy sedation) by all scholarly societies of this field.
  • His approach is very humane, not only to fellow humans but also animals, as he is an animal lover and tends to many of his animals in his ranch
  • Out of everything, he believes his mother is the most important mentor of his life and he dedicates his professional life in honoring his mother (you can listen to his Mothers Day tribute on Houston Public Radio to get a glimpse at this)
  • His vast respect and gratitude for his father is noted in his Father’s Day blog (you can read this story here)

So if you are a mother or a father or a brother or a sister or just a human being, we believe you will enjoy being in Dr. Meah’s care.

What Organizations is he a Part of?

  • American Gastroenterological Society
  • American Society for Gastrointestinal Endoscopy
  • American College of Gastroenterology.
  • Dr. Meah is also the president of The Meah Family Foundation which is a charity committed to helping women everywhere in the name of his mother.

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