Choosing a Doctor | When Does a Doctor Begin to Diagnose their Patient?

A lot of people wonder, when does a doctor actually begin diagnosing their patient? 

When you’re choosing a doctor, there are a lot of things that give away the quality of care you’re going to receive. While you really cannot ever know fully what to expect – you can be certain that if a physician is skilled and experienced, their diagnoses begins the minute they meet their patient.


How a Doctor Begins the Diagnoses 

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A good physician makes observations from the moment they meet their patient. I say observations, because this is not meant to be confused with judgement – a doctor should never judge their patient.


“It is my belief, that a combination of intuition and observation allows a diagnosis to begin from the minute you meet your patient.” ~ Dr. N. Meah


The idea here, is that you can gain perspective (whether you believe this is spiritual, subconscious, or both) from just meeting a person. It’s like forming a blurry vision of a person; the vision getting clearer and clearer through time with the patient and focus on what’s being perceived.


The Importance of a Whole Picture

A lot of people will probably read this, and consider the idea that I might be saying you need ONLY intuition and observation, but I would like to make it clear that this is not the case. In fact, to form any realistic Diagnosis, you will need intuition as well as information.

Information like a patients health history, symptoms, and description of what is happening is invaluable and necessary both legally and practically. That’s why without talking to you, a doctor can never give “official” medical advice. In fact, in most cases, you’re required to do a physical examination to provide a thorough diagnosis.



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