Dr. U. Siddiqui

Dr. U. Siddiqui

Dr. U. Siddiqui M.D. – Who is He?

Dr.Siddiqui - GastroenterologistDr. Siddiqui is a Gastroenterologist that was hired for his skill, expertise, and drive to be the best he can.

How He Became a Doctor….

Always fond of science, Dr. Siddiqui’s medical journey started as a fascination with engineering and mechanics. Strangely enough, the mechanics of the world are quite similar to the mechanics of the human body.

The one thing that medicine has that engineering doesn’t, is a type of human connection – a real feeling of doing good in the world, and that is what brings Dr. Siddiqui to medicine’s door step.

What Makes Him Different?

Patients love Dr. Siddiqui’s thorough and straight forward approach, and tend to appreciate his expansive knowledge about the digestive system.

Who is he, Really?

Dr. Sid is a father and husband and loves nothing more than a fun afternoon with his family. You’ll often find him around the office digging into literature or discussing more complex cases with the other providers trying to gain as much insight as he can. He’s best known for his thoroughness in appointments.

My parents taught me the value of a successful and meaningful career, and always encouraged me to do my best in everything to do. That will be my legacy.

– Dr. U. Siddiqui

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Message on 3/24/2014

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