Hydrogen Breath Test For Lactose Deficiency

Do you like that ice-cream too much or drinking your milk with cake but do not like the after effect? You might be suffering from lactose malabsorption.

What symptoms do I have if I have Lactose Deficiency?
The symptoms could be widely variable from feeling fullness, bloatiness, discomfort in the abdomen, loud bowel sounds, excessive gas or outright diarrhea, nausea or vomiting. These are non-specific symptoms and many other conditions can cause similar problems. In addition, if you have certain intestinal diseases, the association of Lactose deficiency will worsen the condition.

What is lactase deficiency or Lactose malabsorption?
Lactose is a sugar component of common food items that contain milk like products; for example ice creams and pound cakes.  Human small intestine lining contains an enzyme to break down this sugar called Lactase which enables us to digest this sugar. But up to 40% of adults loose this enzyme from the lining of the intestine and this causes myriad of problem.

What is hydrogen breath test? 
The test it is a totally non-invasive test performed by the analysis of your exhaled breath gas. You need certain preparation and then you are given a drink which contains lactose.  You will then be asked to breath into a little machine several times over a short period of time. Our office will analyze the exhaled gas, and you will know before you leave our office if you have Lactose deficiency or not. Once the problem is identified, you will be given instruction by our office what foods you need to avoid.


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