Malabsorption Test for Fructose

Do you like to eat fruits? Do you enjoy that icy can of soda on a hot day but hate how you feel afterwards? Many people experience discomfort, feel bloated, pass excessive gas and diarrhea after enjoying their fruit salad or that glass of soda. If you are one of those people who feel this discomfort than you maybe having malabsorption of Fructose.

What is Fructose?
Fructose is a sugar component used in many soda beverages, juices and is naturally found in fruits.

What is Fructose Malabsorption?
Some humans loose the enzyme that digests the fructose component of food items. As a result, the indigested fructose causes the intestine to produces lots of water. In addition, bacterial fermentation also makes a lot of gas and water, causing diarrhea and bloatiness.

What problems might I be experiencing with this condition?
Similar to Lactase Deficiency, you might be having abdominal discomfort, excessive flatulence, distention, nausea, embarrassing loud bowel sounds and diarrhea.

How do I know if I have this condition?
There is a simple test done at Your G.I. Center to identify this problem. You will come to the office and will be given a specialized drink used to identify this problem. After drinking the formula, you will be asked to breathe into a machine several times over a short period of time. Our office will analyze the exhaled gas, and you will know before you leave our office if you are unable to absorb Fructose. Once the problem is identified, our office will give you instructions on what foods you need to avoid.

Where can I have this test done?
This test can be done at Your G.I. Center. All the employees are well trained and work under the direction of Dr.Meah and Dr.Le when performing any labs. We do this test at our facility and interpret the results at the same location. Your G.I. Center will provide you with instructions for the lab and give you the results. Your G.I. Center is your one stop location for resolving all your gastrointestinal needs, go under the location tab to get the office directions.

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