pH Test For Reflux

What is pH testing?
This test  measures the amount of acid that is refluxing from the stomach into the esophagus during a 24 hour period.  The test is commonly used on patients to identify the causes of heartburn, especially in patients who failed medical therapy.  Also this test is used on patients who are experiencing unusual symptoms of GERD such as, chest pain, cough, asthma, sore throat, ect.  This test can also be used to evaluate the effectiveness of any treatments you might be on for heartburn or GERD.  The pH testing can be used two ways on patients, first to identify the cause of your discomfort and second to see if the solution recommended for your condition is working effectively for you.

How do I get this test done?
This test is done right at Your G.I. Center.  Our well-trained staff will put a thin soft flexible pressure-sensitive tube with a pH sensor at the tip through your nostril to the back of the throat and into the stomach.  The probe is plugged into a small monitor that you wear on a belt which records pH data for 24 hours, detecting how much acid is refluxing into the esophagus.  With a touch of a button on the monitor, it will record the times you eat, lie down, and have symptoms of reflux such as heartburn.  All these data will be reviewed to see if acid reflux is the cause of your symptoms. Some medications may need to be discontinued before the procedure such as acid suppression medications.  However, in special circumstances, your doctor may ask you to continue these medications during the monitoring period to see if it is effective.

What should I do during the monitoring period?
Try to follow your usual routine during the monitoring period.  Many people tend to eat less or change their activities during the monitoring period, but this will affect the accuracy of the test since acid production will be different so do the same activities as you normally would do.  However, do not take a bath or shower during the monitoring period, as the equipment cannot get wet.

Where can I have this test done?
This test can be done at Your G.I. Center. All the employees are well trained and work under the direction of Dr.Meah and Dr.Le when performing any labs.  We do this test at our facility and interpret the results at the same location.  Your G.I. Center will provide you with instructions for the lab and give you the results. Your G.I. Center is your one stop location for resolving all your gastrointestinal needs, go under the location tab to get the office directions.


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